Stretched Fabric

Stretched fabric systems share many of the same characteristics –the systems are site fabricated, consisting of a track, a core and a finish material. With a variety of track profiles,

heights and endless options for finish materials, a stretched fabric system can be a perfect fit for many projects.



AEC TrackSystem is a site fabricated system that offers an innovative and complete wall and ceiling system.  The design can be completed with various options:  acoustical or diffusive 

elements, magnetic surfaces, lighting features, edge trims, reveal and profile options, marker board inserts… and that’s just a few.  Let’s see what we can envision together.



Clipso is a 16-8” wide span cold stretched fabric wall and ceiling system. Clipso has extensive product offerings from acoustic, print, translucent and high-performance fabrics with various track profiles and framing options. The installation process is clean, within dry conditions and without high temperature requirements. AEC is your exclusive Clipso dealer and installer for all of Texas, y’all give us a call.



Eurospan is a site fabricated, 16’-0” wide span stretched fabric system primarily for ceilings. The system provides an excellent seamless solution for designers seeking acoustic absorption and a high-end monolithic look. Eurospan offers printing capabilities for impressive large format applications.