Banquettes & Upholstered Cushions

DFW's #1 Provider for Built-in Seating (but we don't stop there)


When was the last time you sat on a comfortable banquette? What is a banquette anyway? AEC has provided miles and miles of these “long upholstered benches” for many projects. We can provide a turn-key banquette or upholstered cushions for your project. AEC is here to help you with all the details needed for your perfect seating solution.


Let us help you with the busy work! We created 4 specification packages to make your life easier.

Click on the links below to find individual banquette specifications for 3 of the most common designs, plus a custom option.
These packages also include elevations, details, and product images for reference or inspiration. Download today for your next project!


  1. Standard (AECB-1)
  2. Upholstered Base (AECB-2)
  3. Vertical Channel Tufted Back (AECB-3)
  4. Custom (AECB-4)

*Specs can be modified to meet space requirements and YOUR unique design.

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Watch an Install Video Here: