AAFCU: Airplane Sculpture (NIC division)

April 29, 2020

AEC AAFCU Airplane Sculpture

AEC installation of the “paper” airplanes design (design by Corgan) at American Airlines Credit Union. Watch the video for a full time lapse of the project!


A wall of paper airplanes with pictures of their employees on them. 


Aluminum “folded” airplanes are pricey! We needed to find an alternative material that satisfied the vision. Then, once we did find an approved alternative,  it was discontinued!


We searched the world wide web to find the perfect vinyl doorstop (shaped like paper airplanes) that we could use for this project. When we found out this item was discontinued, we scoured every website with inventory and bought them all – 202 of them! Then we printed the employee headshots on vinyl and applied it to the planes. From there, the project flew!